John's Gospel: The Love of God When He was on Earth, Jesus loved and spent time with the Apostle John. After Christ died, John went on to live a long life, and he wrote his Gospel, the book of Revelation, and his epistles toward the end of it. His Gospel contains a special depth that includes the Word, the I AM, the God Family vision, why Jesus wept, the love of God, and other subjects unique to John's writings. This deep, powerful message will build God's joy in your life!
The Little Book There is a "little book" discussed in Revelation 10. There have been many theories about what it is. God has finally revealed the truth about this little book!
Colossians: First Century Parallels The book of Colossians ties in directly with Revelation 3 and the Laodicean era. Paul was in jail, absent from the problems that were beginning to creep into the Church in the first century. Today, Herbert Armstrong is dead, absent from the problems that have steadily increased in the very church God founded through him. God removed both of those leaders for a very important reason. He wanted to see what we would do individually when a strong spiritual leader is removed. In other words, God wanted to see how well we could follow our true Leader-Jesus Christ!
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